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Archives: WCT Video Diary- Day 5.3

8 Apr

West Coast Trail- Video Diary Day 4 Excerpt

2 Nov

We hiked on average 9 hours daily on the West Coast Trail. Some portions of the trail are fairly difficult to negotiate and take over one hour per km. I remember km 68 and km 69 being extremely difficult- Those two km’s seemed to take half a day!

Here is a short video Chris took during the later half of the trail (we hiked from Bamfield towards Port Renfrew). The forest was much harder going than the beach, but we had missed the tide and were forced to higher ground all day. Enjoy :)


West Coast Trail Video Diary- Day 5 Excerpt

1 Nov

During our time on the trail, we kept a video diary. We’ve since edited all the videos and put them together. Our entire diary video is over an hour and a half long. Here’s a quick excerpt from Day 5.


The West Coast Trail Pictures

31 Oct

a photograph of us

17 Aug

This is us!

Sorry about the slant-the rock we placed our camera on was not cooperating. Well, this is us. We recently travelled to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to hike the West Coast Trail.

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