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Hi, I’m Chris!

7 Sep

Hi Im Chris,

I love adventure, risk and generally living life .  Im 26 and have tried my hand at many different adventures and lines of work. People have said as advice, “don’t let your passion become your work” which has some truth, but hey work is supposed to be fun too right ? My carrier highlights so far are  writing and test driving for a car magazine, working underwater as a commercial diver and presently working as a special fx technician.

After University I worked in the editorial department of Performance Auto and Sound in Toronto,  the work in the office was boring but the cars were worth it. I was able to get my hands on some very fun rides and even did a few laps at the Goodyear Test track in Ohio. Oh and I got to touch the Goodyear Blimp too ! After learning how much I hate sitting in a cubicle I took a course to become a commercial diver, which is much different than scuba diving. Commercial divers are the men and women who go into some of the dirtiest, coldest and nastiest waters and liquids, building, repairing and inspecting. Often I would be diving for up to 7 hours at a time, crawling up pipes, in ditches, shipyards and inside factories. It doesn’t get much lonelier than crawling up a pipe in the dark, shivering, knowing you have a couple hours to go in your dive and then your helmet starts leaking in water.

I did get to wear a kickass diving suit  and see some interesting things, though at the end of the day the risk and discomfort wasn’t worth the pay. But hey theres something to say about a man in a suit right ?

My current job is as a special effects technician, my day job is every boys best dream. I get to play with fire, guns, cars, big machines and build experiments. Oh and I get paid for it! Currently my highlight has been firing over 10,000 live rounds and blowing off about 1000 lbs or so of high explosives last summer on a History Channel show called D-Day to Victory. Check it out here: http://www.ddaytovictory.ca/


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