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Moby Dick and Google

18 Oct

I have to say, Google does a great job with their ‘Doodles’.  I logged onto my computer this morning with a warm mug of Zen Starbucks tea (new obsession) and was greeted by my Google homepage. Oh Google-how I love thee!  Without Google, I wouldn’t be able to trick as many people into believing I’m a genius. (Go ahead, ask me anything!).  Anyways, today’s Google Doodle  honors Moby Dick, the famous novel by American writer Herman Melville. I remember being assigned this novel in grade 8 for a book report.  I took the book home and read 10 pages. And those 10 pages were all it took for me to realize that: a) I didn’t understand anything I had just read and b) it was sunny outside. I quickly did what any self-respecting 8th grader would do- I tossed the book into my knapsack and googled the answers to the assigned questions.  A+.  

Full circle Google, full circle.

While we are on the ‘Whale’ topic, Chris and I went whale watching in Tafino, British Columbia last May. We saw some pretty cool stuff. I would highly recommend visiting Tafino if you ever have the opportunity to do so! It’s north of Nanimo on Vancouver Island.  Chris and I had some of our best adventures on our B.C backpacking trip!


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