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Guns, Guns, Guns, How Amusing!

23 Sep

Hi Folks,

I love guns !! Here are some of my favorites, I have been lucky enough to play with some really cool stuff !

 Top Five:

#5 German MG42:


This machinegun was named the “buzzsaw” by the Allied forces due to its extremely high rate of fire. I had the chance to get some trigger time on one during the shooting of “D-Day to Victory”. The machine work and feel of the actual firearm is topnotch. The funny thing about guns is with proper care they last almost indefinitely. The MG48 I shot was produced in the mid 40’s and was over 70 years old and still ran like a top. We had the odd jam but most was related to ammunition.

#4  FN MAG 58

Another Machinegun, my boss Max refers to as “The Cadillac” of small arms. The MAG58 is used by many forces around the world, including Canada as a squad support weapon. I had the pleasure to shoot one of these bad boys with live ammo again on “D-Day to Victory”. Shooting the MAG at night with a 200 round belt of 7.62×51 trace was about at cool as it gets.


Here is another cool one, the ThRussian PPSH submachinegun. The PPSH is your typical Russian hardware, slightly on the crude side, tough as nails and effective as all hell. As a submachinegun the PPSH shoots a 7.62×25 pistol round, not a rifle round. I think the coolest thing about this gun is the drum mag and the insane compensator, which spits huge tongues flame vertically and to the sides. The rate of fire is pretty silly too.  Here is short shot of Jeremy Benning, the Director of Photography, ripping on the PPSH.

#2 Styer HS50


This gun is a hell of alot of fun. Its fun to look at, its fun to shoot and its probably one of the most imposing rifles around. Im not sure exactly how much the HS50 weighs, but damn its heavy, as in , almost impossible to raise if you are going to shoot from the shoulder. Not that it was ever intended to be shot off hand. The HS50 was intended as a light weight civilian single shot .50cal (half inch wide bullets folks) rifle for long range target shooting.

#1 Remington 870

My favorite gun so far is also the first gun I have ever owned. Its a Remington 870, black on black chambered for 2-3/4 and 3 inch 12gauge shells. My 870 has given me hours of entertainment, be it shooting clays with Jess or wasting pumpkins at our range in November. my 870 has never failed to go bang when I pull the trigger and eats everything I put through it. From slugs, to birdshot, to flares or chemical tracers, she eats it all! I mean who doesn’t find it amusing to shoot flares ? Am I right or am I right?

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