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In Search of Buried Treasure…

8 Sep

Jess and Chris here,

We just recently bought a metal detector! It’s a Fisher F2. We use it on the farm, in public parks and at the beach. So far we have a gigantic pickle jar full of ‘treasure’! You know, nails and pop tabs, horse shoes and the like. The coolest thing we’ve found so far is a costume ring. We found it in the park last weekend.

Most of our finds are about 5 inches below the surface. It’s kinda cool to dig up an old penny, rip the roots off that have grown around it and wonder how the heck someone lost a penny in the middle of a corn field!

Here’s our collection so far! In a pickle jar! Highlights include: a RING (a cheap bubble gum machine one), an old pair of surgical scissors (coooool) and a Royal Canadian Air Force Pin!

Bye for now! Never stop exploring!

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