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I’m on Daily Planet with ‘Never Ever Do This at Home’ !

8 May

Hi !

It’s been an exciting week so far: Never Ever Premiered on Monday and I got a quick spot on Daily Planet. Growing up I watched a ton of Daily Planet, which consists of interesting or news worthy science from Canada and around the World. The bit I am featured on is at about 1:26. It has me explaining a grease fire which I set up in the kitchen for Teddy and Norm. The actual fire we got was pretty spectacular. Fire out the doors and what not. I was inside the house, initiating the water which lifted the grease and started the fire.  I have to thank the Brantford Volunteer Fire Fighters and Fire Chief Paul Boissonneault, they were really great to work with and pros at their job. Also make sure you check out Paul and Jay as they rig an RC car and a boat full of oxygen tanks !

Here is the clip : http://watch.discoverychannel.ca/#clip921567

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