Bucket List

Here is a list of the things we’d like to do before we kick the bucket:

Work Abroad

-Go 200 mph in a car


-Travel to every Continent (Jess wants to go to Africa!)

-Climb Mount. Kilimanjaro

-Backpack throughout Asia

-Drive a Tank (Chris)

-See the Redwoods in California (Jess)

Hunt wild boar with hounds (Jess)

Read at least one book per month

-Find gold with our metal detector

Learn how to quilt (and sew for that matter!) (Jess)

-Learn how to weld (Jess)

Learn to sail (Chris still wants to learn!)

-Cut down on bacon consumption (Jess)

-Dig up Dino bones

-Live by the ocean

Blow up a car

-Blow up a building

– Jess to get her Restricted Firearms licence

-See an elephant in India

– Ride through the Rocky Mountains

-Camp throughout YellowStone and Yosemite

Bath in a waterfall

-Sleep on the beach

-Moose Hunt

-Ride on every continent (Jess) -(two so far, 4 countries)

-Learn how to Spearfish

-Learn how to TIG weld- Chris


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