Flying just like magic

17 Jun

Hi everyone !

Jess and I have been crazy busy the last bit so sorry that we haven’t posted more.  I do have a cool one for you today though. Flying people !! Movie style that is!
Often in movies we see people do all sorts of gravity defying feats, jumping  over rooftops, through windows or levitating when possessed by evil spirits ! Well here is a quick look behind the curtain of just how flying and these effects are achieved. The first thing needed is a flying suit, these are a  specially created pair of pants. They look like a cross between old style football pants and a corset. They work by transferring the weight off your body , through your thighs and into two special buckles on your hips. The buckles can move  up and down so different balance points can be achieved. A “superman ” pose for example would be balanced for 50/50 weight distribution. However a straight levitation would have a more bottom heavy distribution and we would pick up higher on the plates (lowering the center of gravity). From the pick points on the hips we then run thin aircraft cable (800lb strength per line ) up to a spreader bar. This bar is attached to another pick point with either a winch or set of pulleys, this allows us to lift the actor smoothly . The cables are often painted bright green or blue so they later can be removed in post production.

Flying people takes very good gear, attention to detail and a mind for safety. I hope you liked the information, here are some pictures of my buddy Brendan messing around on a test rig at the shop.


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