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Our Weekend in Toronto

29 Apr

Every once in a while we head into the ‘big city’ for a change in pace and scenery. We’ve just returned from a weekend in Toronto celebrating my 24th birthday. We returned to our favourite hotel: The Westin Harbour Castle which overlooks Lake Ontario and had reservations at my favourite restaurant The Miller Tavern (located on Bay Street). I highly recommend this restaurant if you find yourself in Toronto. The atmosphere is classy but low key, the mixed drinks are fantastic (try the Bee’s Knees!), the staff are terrific and it’s reasonably priced at $25-$30 a plate. The food is top class- the best I’ve ever had. Our favourite plates so far are the Artisan Bread with Maple Butter to start, (their soups are also fantastic!), the Braised Short Ribs and the Pan-Seared Chicken Supreme are our two favourite entrees, and for dessert we highly recommend the peanut butter cake (it’s not heavy), and Jess’s favourite: freshly made chocolate gelato. … hungry yet?!

If you have never been to Toronto, Ontario, there is a lot to see and do; Shopping the boutiques on Queen Street, The Eaton Centre, The Royal Ontario Museum, Art Galleries, Toronto Island, Hockey/Baseball, CN Tower, Theatre, Comedy… you get the drift.  Toronto is a beautiful and LARGE city. I feel like I could walk for days and never reach the edge!  During our stay we visited friends who live in the city. We drove half an hour on the highway and after we exited, we were STILL in the city with sky scrapers and the like- just to give you an idea of how large the city is.  Known for its diversity and multi-culturalism, Toronto is a great place to visit because there really is something for everyone.

We had a fantastic weekend together exploring the city- what a great way to spend a birthday.

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