Yay, Dinosaurs!

26 Mar
Guided Excavation in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

I wish I was a palaeontologist. Digging up dinosaur bones in some dirty, sweaty climate has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid.

The count down is on for June 27, 2013 when my dream will come true! Chris and I are travelling to the badland’s of Alberta to go on a Guided Excavation. Yeah! We are going to dig up REAL dinosaur bones. Bones that no other human being has ever seen. Bones that have been buried for millions of years.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a fully authentic dinosaur dig. With an experienced palaeontological technician as your guide, you’ll learn the techniques of excavating dinosaurs.  You’ll work in a team to uncover fossils never before seen by human eyes. The day includes an orientation to the park and the research project, working in a real quarry, and hiking and prospecting for new fossil finds. Your work will contribute to research going on at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. ”   ….I’ve already got the Indiana Jones Theme Song on my Iphone to play in the car as we enter Dinosaur Provincial Park.

We’ve planned an 8-Day Supreme Alberta Road Trip Adventure. In addition to dinosaur bones in Dinosaur Provincial Park (Brooks, Alberta), we’ll be travelling to Lake Louise, Banff, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary with pit stops including cute mountainside B&B’s, Spruce Meadows (!), Mountain Chalets, and kayaking on Moraine Lake.

You can check out a video on the Guided Excavation we are going on HERE.

Guest Information

Until next time,

Jessica ‘Dinosaur-Hunter’ Smith


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