Hasta La Vista Canadian Penny: My Two Cents.

19 Mar


Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the bad news. Things just got a bit more expensive in Canada with the death of the penny. Or have they?

Gone are the days of Penny Candy, tantalizing .99 price points, those awesome little ‘Take a Penny, Leave a Penny’ trays, and finding a lucky penny in the grocery store parking lot.

It’s an awkward transition. Everywhere I go, confused people are heckling about receiving incorrect change, I see people throwing out pennies or walking past forgotten coins with indifference. Signs plaster store walls and streets explaining the new Round Up and Round Down rule. The other day I received $0.05 change when I only expected $0.03. A whole nickel.

I guess the pennies were getting a bit too expensive to produce which each coin costing 1.6 cents to produce. Well, I for one am very sorry to see the coin go. There seems to be some sort of sentimental value attached to our one cent coin for me. I remember filling my piggy bank as a child with pennies. My Grade Four Science Project involved a dirty Canadian Penny, Coca-Cola, and Ketchup to demonstrate the acidity (and cleaning ability!) of substances. I got an A+.

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the cent. I’ve saved some of the oldest pennies I could find for safe keeping. The oldest one is 1953. Hopefully the metal detector can resurrect a few older ones once the snow thaws.

RIP Beloved Penny 1858- 2012.


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