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Easter Get-Togethers, Our Way.

31 Mar

Happy Easter Everyone! It’s nice to have extra time off from our daily duties to spend time with friends and family. The snow has just melted in our neck of the woods and the sun was shining yesterday so we decided to invite a few friends over for an afternoon of shooting. With many of our friends also being gun enthusiasts, we had almost everything imaginable- from muzzle-loaders to Mausers to Tac-15 Crossbow to Breaching Shotguns to Coach Guns and of course Buffalo Rifles…. just to name a few!

We had a BLAST shooting skeet and target shooting with the rifles. My particular favorite was the crossbow. Poor Peter Rabbit didn’t even see (or hear!) it coming!

Wishing you a Happy Easter Weekend and all the best to your family.

Cheers- Jess and Chris

Yay, Dinosaurs!

26 Mar
Guided Excavation in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta

I wish I was a palaeontologist. Digging up dinosaur bones in some dirty, sweaty climate has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid.

The count down is on for June 27, 2013 when my dream will come true! Chris and I are travelling to the badland’s of Alberta to go on a Guided Excavation. Yeah! We are going to dig up REAL dinosaur bones. Bones that no other human being has ever seen. Bones that have been buried for millions of years.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in a fully authentic dinosaur dig. With an experienced palaeontological technician as your guide, you’ll learn the techniques of excavating dinosaurs.  You’ll work in a team to uncover fossils never before seen by human eyes. The day includes an orientation to the park and the research project, working in a real quarry, and hiking and prospecting for new fossil finds. Your work will contribute to research going on at the Royal Tyrrell Museum. ”   ….I’ve already got the Indiana Jones Theme Song on my Iphone to play in the car as we enter Dinosaur Provincial Park.

We’ve planned an 8-Day Supreme Alberta Road Trip Adventure. In addition to dinosaur bones in Dinosaur Provincial Park (Brooks, Alberta), we’ll be travelling to Lake Louise, Banff, Edmonton, Red Deer, Calgary with pit stops including cute mountainside B&B’s, Spruce Meadows (!), Mountain Chalets, and kayaking on Moraine Lake.

You can check out a video on the Guided Excavation we are going on HERE.

Guest Information

Until next time,

Jessica ‘Dinosaur-Hunter’ Smith

Hasta La Vista Canadian Penny: My Two Cents.

19 Mar


Well, I’m sure you’ve heard the bad news. Things just got a bit more expensive in Canada with the death of the penny. Or have they?

Gone are the days of Penny Candy, tantalizing .99 price points, those awesome little ‘Take a Penny, Leave a Penny’ trays, and finding a lucky penny in the grocery store parking lot.

It’s an awkward transition. Everywhere I go, confused people are heckling about receiving incorrect change, I see people throwing out pennies or walking past forgotten coins with indifference. Signs plaster store walls and streets explaining the new Round Up and Round Down rule. The other day I received $0.05 change when I only expected $0.03. A whole nickel.

I guess the pennies were getting a bit too expensive to produce which each coin costing 1.6 cents to produce. Well, I for one am very sorry to see the coin go. There seems to be some sort of sentimental value attached to our one cent coin for me. I remember filling my piggy bank as a child with pennies. My Grade Four Science Project involved a dirty Canadian Penny, Coca-Cola, and Ketchup to demonstrate the acidity (and cleaning ability!) of substances. I got an A+.

I’ll be sad to say goodbye to the cent. I’ve saved some of the oldest pennies I could find for safe keeping. The oldest one is 1953. Hopefully the metal detector can resurrect a few older ones once the snow thaws.

RIP Beloved Penny 1858- 2012.

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