Underwater in Cozumel

22 Feb

Hi all,

Chris here, I’m sitting here on the couch with a coffee going through the photos from Coz. Boy what a fun trip, I sure wish I lived by the water. Jess and I were in the ocean just about everyday for a couple hours. Most of the time we spent messing around with the cameras, snorkeling and diving down. The water was a beautiful blue, a bit of a current  which was not too bad and just cool enough that after a couple hours we would get a chill.

Trying to shoot with the current was bit of a pain, also I had a bit of a lung infection so  my breath holds were a bit shorter than I would have liked. That aside though I had a hell of a lot of fun some of the snaps turned out okay. Water is a funny medium, the magnification really plays with your perception of depth. I like the challenge though, before I left I read Martin Edges book on Underwater photography. It sure helped with and now that I am back, I will be reading it again, I now have more to learn!
Any how hope you enjoy the pictures ! Jess and I tried to find some cool stuff for you all to enjoy.   Drop some comments for us, let us know what you like or for you photographers what we can do to improve. Oh and next week Ill have some video up we shot as well !


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