Cozumel Day Five

11 Feb

Early in the morning we all jumped in the car and headed to the other side of the island. The east side is not populated and is very wild looking. We took the only road heading east. The map below displays the roads on Cozumel- there aren’t many!

Map of Cozumel

Heading east, we left behind us the only town on the Island, San Miguel. The width of the island only took us about 20 minutes to cover but it was amazing how quickly the jungle overtook the road. Soon the Cruise Ship terminals and tourist diamond shops in San Miguel seemed to be in another universe! We stopped for gas on our way out of town because we were not sure if our gas gauge was working (and there are only 2 gas stations on the island). Reaching the other side of the island, we drove south to El Mirador. It was a beautiful spot to stop and have a couple Coronas while exploring the neat rocks and watching the water surge and splash against the rocky shore. Apart from a family of locals and a small shop that sold both necklaces and Corona’s, we were alone on the edge of the water.

After our explorations were finished at El Mirador, we continues south and drove all way round the bottom of the island back to San Miguel. Our condo is located past the town and the airport (just past the label on the map ‘Playa Azul’).

For the rest of the afternoon we decided we’d like to try out our new speargun and jumped in the ocean searching for the invasive Lionfish. We were so focused on searching for the Lionfish in the coral that lines the rock wall below our condo that we almost didn’t see the giant Spotted Eagle Ray that came to check us out. Chris and his Dad noticed it first as I swam ahead to scan another part of the wall for Lionfish. I looked back to make sure they were following when I saw them snapping pictures of something my direction. I looked below me only to see the GIANT ray directly beneath me. I must say, it took me by surprise and nearly scared me to death at first! I have never seen something so large underwater. Realizing what it was I quickly turned the GoPro on and was able to film Chris dive down with it. Chris then swam to me, give me the speargun and I gave him the camera. Then he turned and swam as fast as he could to keep up with the gentle giant (I don’t think I’ve ever seen him swim so fast!). Despite our best efforts in no time at all the Eagle Ray was gone and we were left to buzz about our awesome experience.

The video isn’t too bad considering I was trying to swim as fast as I could while keeping the camera steady. The sun is setting so the colour is a bit distorted. You can watch the video here:

After snorkeling adventures we headed back into town for another night of Carnival. We had a blast dancing with the locals. Tuesday is the BIG finale… cannot wait!


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