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Cozumel Day One

7 Feb


We arrived yesterday in Cozumel after a long-feeling four hour flight direct from Toronto. Flying at 35,000 ft, we amused ourselves by making puppets out of barf bags, completing three cross words and playing the age-old beauty ’21 Questions’.

The condo we are staying in is stunning and very spacious. Eight Canucks in total made the trip! Upon arrival we were also happy to discover that we were the ONLY people staying in the entire condo… the pool is our own private oasis during the day which is lovely. At the edge of the pool you can walk down the steps into the ocean where colourful coral and fish are abundant.

After a trip into town to buy groceries, we all hit the hay for some much needed rest. Chris and I got up at 5am this morning to watch the sunset in bed (our room backs onto the balcony with one whole wall being glass).

After breakfast, Chris jumped in the ocean to snorkel for an hour. We then walked into town. It took us about 45 minutes to reach San Miguel where the cruise ships were docked and the ‘other’ tourists were unloading. Instead of staying on the main strip in town, we walked West further into town. We are interested in seeing where the locals eat and live.

We found a cool little juice spot and treated ourselves to a chocolate ice cream cone and a large glass of mango juice…. all for the low price of $3! We then wandered down a small back street where we came upon a small nook where we ordered fresh tacos. The lady made the taco from hand and grilled the chicken, beef and potato while we watched. During lunch, and through broken Spanish, we talked with her about the Carnival this weekend. This Saturday the entire island will shut down for the Carnival/Mardi Gras- a celebration proceeding Lent for the Mexican people. Local men and women dress up in colorful outfits and dance in the street with floats and displays. They have already began setting up sparkly decorations in the streets and painting the walls in town. It’s so nice to see the entire community come together to create a special night for one another. We are very excited to experience the celebration!!

After our 3 hour walk, we came back to the condo and went snorkeling for the rest of the afternoon. We are all a little pink, but well fed and enjoying the sunset on the balcony. I look forward to tomorrow when we’ll drive to the other side of the island which is uninhabited. We are also hoping to go spearfishing tomorrow and catch tarantulas at sunset.

Cozumel is such a beautiful island, I feel very lucky to be here with such wonderful people!

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