12 Days until Underwater Adventures… Stay Tuned!

26 Jan

Hey Guys! BIG NEWS:

In 12 days Chris and I will be heading to an island off of Mexico to spend a week diving, spear fishing, exploring ancient ruins and hanging out with the locals. We plan on posting our adventures in daily posts so keep an eye out for them! Our last big adventure was The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in May. You can check out photos of our time in the Pacific Rim National Park here and excerpt of our video diary here.  Click here to view a video of Chris and I crossing a gorge in a cable car!

While in Mexico, we plan to rent a scooter for the day to explore. We did this last year while in Cuba- inevitably we got lost, but that’s half the fun! Meeting locals, trying new things and exploring the unknown is what it’s all about!

Chris and I are bringing our new underwater cameras to Mexico, along with our metal detector and a spear gun (we hope to catch the invasive Lionfish in the area). Chris has heard about an opportunity through his diving connections to go diving with sharks while we are there… sounds interesting.

Anyways, the count down is on now! We are excited for our trip and cannot wait to get started!

Here’s a few more pics from our last trip to tropical waters… I cannot wait!

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