Hot Pop Factory

25 Jan

Hey Everyone!  I wanted to share a new launch that I am super pumped about!

Recently, our trendy and brilliant architect friends Biying and Matt launched a small business: HOT POP FACTORY.  From their apartment in Toronto, they design and utilize a 3D printer to create jewellery and other ingenious items…

Their jewellery is very cool- I purchased a ring and am always getting compliments when I wear it! The website describes the release of their first collection:

Hot Pop Factory’s first collection of 3D Printed jewelry, Stratigraphia, uses emerging technologies to create intimate adornments for the body.

Consisting of three bold and elegant pieces, the series celebrates the stratified texture of 3D Printed objects. The accretion of barely visible layers, inherent to the additive manufacturing process, means every piece acquires a unique ‘fingerprint’ distinguishing it from others like it.

I love that their products have a very unique, personal and Toronto vibe to them… not to mention the amazing design aspect of the pieces! It’s very cool to see them 3D printing jewellery in their apartment. Keep your eyes peeled, Hot Pop Factory is making a splash on the streets of Toronto.

They are currently on the front page of Dezeen for a project involving custom Pez Dispenser Heads. Check out the article here:

3D printed Pez dispenser heads by Hot Pop Factory.

They have an awesome blog on their website: 

Pretty neat stuff eh? Let me know what you think!

– Jess


One Response to “Hot Pop Factory”

  1. bonooobong April 30, 2013 at 8:31 am #

    LoL when I was a child I was a huge fan of these PEZ-boxes, now I can print ’em on my own, I’ve already designed some similar objects, check ’em if you want to:

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