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12 Days until Underwater Adventures… Stay Tuned!

26 Jan

Hey Guys! BIG NEWS:

In 12 days Chris and I will be heading to an island off of Mexico to spend a week diving, spear fishing, exploring ancient ruins and hanging out with the locals. We plan on posting our adventures in daily posts so keep an eye out for them! Our last big adventure was The West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island in May. You can check out photos of our time in the Pacific Rim National Park here and excerpt of our video diary here.  Click here to view a video of Chris and I crossing a gorge in a cable car!

While in Mexico, we plan to rent a scooter for the day to explore. We did this last year while in Cuba- inevitably we got lost, but that’s half the fun! Meeting locals, trying new things and exploring the unknown is what it’s all about!

Chris and I are bringing our new underwater cameras to Mexico, along with our metal detector and a spear gun (we hope to catch the invasive Lionfish in the area). Chris has heard about an opportunity through his diving connections to go diving with sharks while we are there… sounds interesting.

Anyways, the count down is on now! We are excited for our trip and cannot wait to get started!

Here’s a few more pics from our last trip to tropical waters… I cannot wait!

Hot Pop Factory

25 Jan

Hey Everyone!  I wanted to share a new launch that I am super pumped about!

Recently, our trendy and brilliant architect friends Biying and Matt launched a small business: HOT POP FACTORY.  From their apartment in Toronto, they design and utilize a 3D printer to create jewellery and other ingenious items…

Their jewellery is very cool- I purchased a ring and am always getting compliments when I wear it! The website describes the release of their first collection:

Hot Pop Factory’s first collection of 3D Printed jewelry, Stratigraphia, uses emerging technologies to create intimate adornments for the body.

Consisting of three bold and elegant pieces, the series celebrates the stratified texture of 3D Printed objects. The accretion of barely visible layers, inherent to the additive manufacturing process, means every piece acquires a unique ‘fingerprint’ distinguishing it from others like it.

I love that their products have a very unique, personal and Toronto vibe to them… not to mention the amazing design aspect of the pieces! It’s very cool to see them 3D printing jewellery in their apartment. Keep your eyes peeled, Hot Pop Factory is making a splash on the streets of Toronto.

They are currently on the front page of Dezeen for a project involving custom Pez Dispenser Heads. Check out the article here:

3D printed Pez dispenser heads by Hot Pop Factory.

They have an awesome blog on their website: 

Pretty neat stuff eh? Let me know what you think!

– Jess

January Thaw Argo Adventures

16 Jan

We do this every weekend. This time I decided to snap a couple pictures.

We had wanted to cross the creek but after the huge thaw (temps here went from -9 degrees to +9 degrees in two days with over a foot and a half of snow melting!) the creek was too high and fast to cross safely.

CASCADA: An Inspiring Short Film

14 Jan


Impressive or what!? Very cool. 


Cupcakes for Christopher

13 Jan

Cupcakes for Christopher

I made these cute cupcakes last night for Chris’s family birthday party today.

Amusing things I blew up in 2012

11 Jan

pyro editHey all,

For a living  I do special effects for film and television. Its a great job, lots of fun and I get paid to do what most people would be locked up for !

To start of 2013 I thought I would show a few of the cooler explosions I did in 2012 with some video. To make it more interesting see if you recognize any of the clips, I’m not naming shows but all the video has already been on air( I rigged a ton of pyro in 2012, I can only posted that which has been aired on TV before).

Post your comments too, if there is something you liked, didn’t like or have a cool idea leave a post.

Enjoy !

1. Shed Explosion caused by “Unstable Pesticides”

. . .Or at least that is what they said caused it !  I got a real laugh out of this one, but it made for good TV. I think they meant thermo-nuclear warheads, not pesticide but whatever. Watch for the falling rake its my favorite.

2. Gas Tank Overheated and exploding.

This shot was supposed to simulate the explosive force of a gas tank in a car letting go. Unfortunately gas tanks rarely explode, they just sort of burn away, ask me how I know. However were making TV not reality, so a bag of gas, some hits and a couple lifting charges and volia !

3.  High pressure Air Tank on the Fritz.

This one is real and does happen. Pretty cool standing beside it when I snipped the valve. The ambient pressure change was amazing.  Feeling your ears pop when your standing in an open room is a very peculiar sensation. Everyone should try it. . . once.

4. Air Mattress Filled with “Propane”

Again the ol thermo-nulclear television visuals  strike again. Have you ever seen propane this smoky before ? Didn’t think so, I hadn’t either, black powder and some other nasties gave it some snap. Skip ahead to  00:55 seconds .

Chris’s Mario Kart Birthday Race

11 Jan

Hey guys! It’s Jess here. We just celebrated Chris’s 27th Birthday! What did we do to celebrate? Why we dressed up as Mario Kart characters and went go karting of course!! For those who have never heard of Mario Kart (Is that possible!?), it is a Nintendo game where differing players race each other in Go Karts. It sounds simple, but becoming a Mario Kart Champion takes skill!

This is the Player Selection screen for the N64 version- The game I grew up on!

Those of us who did dress up did a kick-ass job with their costumes! The birthday boy dressed as Donkey Kong, I dressed up as Princess Peach, and we had two Mario’s and two Luigi’s and one Bowser. We mounted our GO PRO on the back of one of the karts to catch all the action. Chris had edited the videos into a shorter clip below:

After we were finished racing, we all went for All-You-Can-Eat Sushi and had cake back at our apartment. It was a great day- thanks to all who came!

image-2 imagevlcsnap-2013-01-06-16h25m32s227

And here is the Video!

Happy Birthday Chris! xo

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