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Tomahawk Throwing

31 Dec

Have you heard?! Chris got me a SOG Tomahawk for Christmas! I don’t know about you, but whoever said diamonds are a girls best friend wasn’t hanging out with very interesting females…

I’ve been interested in them for a while. How useful they are in the woods for splitting wood (and your enemies heads from horseback!). Once I opened my gift, I at once was fascinated by its beautiful weight and balance! I opened up my Mac and started at YouTube. I watched video reviews and throwing demonstrations and techniques. How interesting!

During the holiday Chris had also ordered himself a set of throwing knives so we drove the Argo down to the range on the farm to test our skills. It took about an hour for me to learn to throw it correctly. I found that (as the videos suggested) distance and straightness were most important. It was quite frustrating, but once I got the feel for the Tomahawk, I hardly ever missed. I challenged myself by walking through the forest throwing it at random trees as I went. It was surprisingly accurate. At first I thought: How in the world can anybody throw this thing with any certainty of where it will land or even that it hits the target blade side up!? Seeing my frustration, Chris’s brother made the excellent point that baseball pitchers are able to pitch balls with absolute precision; altering speed, rotation and targets with every throw. …Practice makes perfect. I was happy with my fairly consistent throwing at the end of the day and look forward to practicing next week.

Chris’s throwing knives proved extremely difficult. I’m unsure whether the ten or so that sank into the target were due to improved skills or to luck. The knives are much smaller than the tomahawk and are easier to throw with a slight wobble, causing them to hit blunt end first. I’m sure that the increased number of rotations between the thrower and the target compared to the larger tomahawk also create added difficultly. They are also quite light- I think if they were heavier they may also be easier. We will keep at it.

Tommmaaa Choooppp!

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