Canadian Style Christmas.

27 Dec

Canada is a beautiful place to spend Christmas. With snow covered trees and streets, the hustle and bustle of shoppers and turkies flying off of grocery shelves, everyone seems to be a bit cheerier. A Canadian Christmas Experience usually involves a few common traditions. I thought I would share some of my Christmas with you- wherever you may be during this Holiday.

Christmas Eve- Chris and I spent Christmas Eve together wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music and eating chocolate. We decided to try and make bread for Christmas morning so that afternoon we made the dough and set it to rise for 18 hours. This was our first Christmas together in our own place, so it felt very special.

Christmas Morning- I’m unsure who woke who up first, but by the time I rolled out of bed, Chris and Katie-dog were basically bouncing off the walls with excitement. We made coffee, kneaded our bread and opened our gifts under the Christmas tree. Chris got me an awesome SOG Tomahawk and Grey Chisel-toe Blunstones. I’ve had two pairs of Blunnies in the past- they are great riding boots. Apparently they are ‘fashionable’ now? Anyways, I love them! Chris and I watched YouTube videos of Tomahawk throwing while we sipped our coffee- I cannot wait to give it a try! It will also be very useful in the forest when we cut down trees and split wood for the fireplace. I gave Chris two gun cases, gun socks and a book called The Chemistry of Pyrotechnics… he’s been buried in the text since he opened it!

After we finished our own traditions, we headed over to the farm to visit his family. We had a lovely Christmas potluck brunch. Usually we save Christmas dinner for a few days later because most of Chris’s family works in the hospital and are usually on call during the holidays. After our visit we drove home together and spent the night digesting.


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