A Boxing Day Adventure

27 Dec

Well, yesterday was the day we’ve been waiting for all year: Boxing Day.

Every year my mother and I brave the elements, idiot drivers, packed parking lots and crowded malls in search of the ultimate deal on December 26th, Boxing Day. While most people are tucked in their beds with bellies full of turkey and dreaming of sugar plums, we are eagerly speeding towards shopping adventures. What treasures will we find today?  My mother is quite the Fashionista-she travels just to shop! Fashion is and has always been her passion (and her multiple closets testify to her conviction)!  Me? I’m a bit more practical and functional when it comes to my clothing choices. I only inhabit one half of our closet in the apartment. I like pieces that are simple, well made, comfy and timeless. It’s not so much about ‘buying stuff’ on Boxing Day that I enjoy, but rather spending time with Mom and the adventure.

This year we were on the road around 7:00am heading towards the train station: we had decided to take the train into Toronto. I hardly ever take the train so it was fun! Once we arrived in Union Station, we headed to the subway and headed towards Bloor Street. We spent the day walking, shopping, sipping Christmas Blend Coffee and laughing. We each found some great deals! You can’t beat a $150 shirt marked down to $20!

…Only a 364 days to go until Boxing Day 2013.

Happy Holidays!

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