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Shoot Day at the Farm

13 Nov

This past Saturday, a pilot episode of a new show was filmed at the farm. It was funny and a bit strange to see the movie trucks roll in and set up in the lower riding field. The show is a ‘behind the scenes look’ at hidden camera shows. Chris for the first time was in front of the camera! He had a great time being one of the Special FX ‘Experts’ on set while they filmed him fire some pretty cool weapons and blow up small targets and a shed.

While on set, one of the ‘hip’ city dweller film crew people (I’m sure they have a more formal name) asked me: “Oh so do you and Chris go on shoots often?”

Well, of course I replied, “Yeah! I suppose you could say Chris and I are gun fanatics. Chris loves researching new guns and reads online forums. We enjoy the shooting range in the lower field here almost every weekend!”

The crew member stared blankly at me for a moment in her Canada Goose jacket, oversized Ray Bans and Hunter wellies and then laughed. “Oh, I meant movie shoots! Hahaha!…”

It was funny, mostly because it spoke to our completely different worlds.

Here’s a picture of some of the guns Chris had on set:


Yeah, that handsome blurry dude is Chris- he looks pretty good if you ask me! ;)  ….Do you think I can start bragging that I’m dating a movie star? This is all very exciting.

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