The Decision to Travel

6 Nov

There seems to have always been a gnawing desire within me to be places that I am not. I find myself wanting to travel far and wide, for long periods of time. The idea of living out of my backpack and finding my own way seems appealing.  Adventure awaits and my indecision delays!  As a young professional, it’s hard to know what to do. Questions like “What about work?, What about money?, What about my house and my ‘stuff”?” seem to create barriers and limitations for those with the desire to travel.  Most of my friends and family discourage my aspirations abroad- pointing out safety issues, economical issues and tell me to start preparing for my future now.  As a new graduate, I don’t feel ready to jump into my ‘social obligations’ of building a career, buying a house, getting married, having kids and saving for retirement.

How do we know when to make the leap? When’s the best time to travel? Will this feeling and need wear off the more places I go or will it only grow stronger? Both Chris and I are saving up for our ‘big adventure’. I’d like to travel across Asia. We’d also like to travel across Canada as well- with so many exotic locations we want to go, we should probably see all that our own country has to offer first!

In my online wanderings, I came across a post from the travel blog Vangabondish: 

This short post answered a few nagging questions in my head.

I’m Going Traveling, Damn It! (When to Ignore the Advice of Others).

Enjoy :)

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