Summertime Cameraphone Confessions

26 Oct

I recently cleared my phone of uneeded documents, emails and pictures to free up some space (for more uneeded emails, docs and pictures). I thought I’d share a random sample of pictures found in my phone. I’m not one for carrying my phone on me at all times but I did manage to snap a few cool pictures. Enjoy :)


Chris likes to climb things. Here he is on the boom of a Dufour 40e sailboat.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The city is beautiful when viewed from the water.


I snapped this shot in Newport, RI, USA while sitting in the beer tent watching the America’s Cup Sailboats practice. They are quite a remarkable sight!


This picture was also taken in Newport, RI. Newport is a beautiful old sailing town. The streets are cobblestone and the shops feel very small town America. What a lovely place!


Snapped this screenshot of Chris’ name on the House Hazards credits. Proud of you babe!


Ever wonder how they move big sailboats? This is a Hunter Sailboat was being launched for the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show. They lift them off the cradles using big slings- very cool!


Oh Port Credit. I work in a small town called Port Credit. It’s located just between Oakville and Toronto. Port Credit is known for being a very affluent area. Sights like this are a daily occurance. Chris and I call these people ‘cityits’.

I am so bad-ass.

This photo was taken while I crewed on a 65 foot luxury power yacht watching the CNE air show!


I took this picture while driving out to the farm. It is SO nice to spend my weekends away from the city. This is what paradise looks like!

Lake Ontario sunshine.


A Hard Day’s Work.


Boys will be Boys. Chris invited a few buddies over for an afternoon of clay shooting. Check out the carnage on the ground.


Looking for Chris and I during the summer? You’d most likely find us in a similar situation.


It’s the effort that counts right? …I attempted to bake for Chris’s parents’ birthday. Fail.

Katie refusing to take a bath.


Boing! This is Katie dog in the hydro cut beside our house. She loves running and leaping through the thick weeds!


I told you Chris likes to climb things.


Sailing Adventures. Chris and I have tossed around the idea of buying a boat and sailing the world. It’s an option I suppose.


An unflattering photo of Tyler and I in the field. When I drive to the farm after work, I routinely jump the fence in my business suit and run out to see my horse. My office friends would be horrified I’m sure!

Hope you enjoyed these random pictures and summer adventures.




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