Freaakin Lasers !

12 Oct

Jess kinda likes space things, like Star Trek and planets, you know space stuff.  So I surprised her after work with a laser!  That’s right a real live laser, not like a pointer but a real laser that can burn stuff and start fires!  The laser we have is made by Survival Laser owned by Gary Rosenfield  (a really stand up guy by the way).

Lasers are measured in output of watts and wavelength. Your basic laser pointer is well below 300mw and can’t do much, other than put a bright spot on wall. Our laser is rated at 1.2 watts or 1200mw.  It can burn paper and light fuse. It is also bright as hell and can damage your eyes. And its even visible from space! Blue light is harder on our eyes than other light, not sure why, I’m no eyeball mechanic but its a fact. So we wear glasses

Here is a short teaser video of Jess demonstrating the lasers capabilities!

If you would like to check out these lasers, find them at:

2 Responses to “Freaakin Lasers !”

  1. Brett at 2:59 pm #

    That. is. AWESOME. I want one.

    • wecraveadventure at 4:39 pm #

      Brett! They are awesome! It is very dangerous though. If you do purchase one, buy extra safety glasses and wear them always! :)

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