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Yachts. It’s what I do.

25 Aug

So I sell boats. ‘Yachts’ to be exact. Sounds fancy eh?

Hey- it’s Jess here.  I thought I’d share what I do for a living. I work at the largest luxury yacht dealer in Ontario.We sell Bavaria, Dufour, C&C, Tartan and Hunter yachts.

It’s a pretty cool gig. I get to sail whenever I want (learning to sail next month-taking a Basic Cruising Course!) and spend a lot of time on the docks. I’m also a Sales Consultant for a fractional sailing program based in Port Credit, Ontario. It’s a wonderful program for those starting to sail or thinking of purchasing a boat. Check it out:

Today we’re at the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show. Here’s a pic I took with my phone of our brand new Bavaria Vision 46. Just arrived from Germany 3 days ago! :)

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