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Yachts. It’s what I do.

25 Aug

So I sell boats. ‘Yachts’ to be exact. Sounds fancy eh?

Hey- it’s Jess here.  I thought I’d share what I do for a living. I work at the largest luxury yacht dealer in Ontario.We sell Bavaria, Dufour, C&C, Tartan and Hunter yachts.

It’s a pretty cool gig. I get to sail whenever I want (learning to sail next month-taking a Basic Cruising Course!) and spend a lot of time on the docks. I’m also a Sales Consultant for a fractional sailing program based in Port Credit, Ontario. It’s a wonderful program for those starting to sail or thinking of purchasing a boat. Check it out:

Today we’re at the Port Credit In-Water Boat Show. Here’s a pic I took with my phone of our brand new Bavaria Vision 46. Just arrived from Germany 3 days ago! :)


a photograph of us

17 Aug

This is us!

Sorry about the slant-the rock we placed our camera on was not cooperating. Well, this is us. We recently travelled to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada to hike the West Coast Trail.

Step One.

16 Aug

Hello! Thanks for discovering wecraveadventure. My name is Jess, and my super cool boyfriend’s name is Chris. We crave adventure. And we’re creating this blog to share our knack for exploration, imagination, curiosity and our love for the outdoors. Follow along, we plan to do some pretty cool stuff!

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